Reading Club 2017

Build a Better World

Reading Club

Entering Grades 1 – 6

Wednesday, July 5 through Thursday, August 17, 2017

Read a good book lately? Or a bad one? Children entering grades 1 through  6 can “report” on all the books they have recently read. Sit down with one of our teen volunteer Book Buddies during reporting hours, roll a die, and answer a few questions about each book you want to add to your reading log. Report on up to three books at once and earn a prize for each visit! If you want to practice writing skills, children have the option of completing a written report form for each book instead of reporting orally. Pick up a written report form at the library or print one out here.

How many books do I have to report on?

6 books earns you an official certificate
and an invitation to our Reading Club celebration in Mid-August

10 books earns you a gold seal on your certificate

15 books earns you a prize from our treasure chest

When can I report?

The first day to begin reporting is Wednesday, July 5.
(Advanced registration not necessary. Register when you begin reporting!)

The last day to report is Thursday, August 17

Reporting times:
Monday – Thursday
10am – 12 Noon
1 – 5pm

6 – 8pm

10am – Noon
2 – 4pm

There is no reporting on Fridays.