The image below was drawn by Gerald Wilcox in 1975. He noted the gravestone locations of that time.
The red boxes and text indicate the items that remain, and their current locations, as of May 2008.

Click the gravesites or numbers for more information where available.

Other families may be buried here - Click here for Miles, Hetta & Jesse Weeks

Update, October 2009 - New information about David Ruland,
the Revolutionary War veteran buried in Grave #20

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unknown Elizabeth (Muncy) Weeks Rebecca Butler Silas & Sarah Muncy Conklin (Ketcham) Muncy Elizabeth (Muncy) Weeks Keziah (Muncy) Leeke Charles Ruland Weeks Elizabeth (Conklin) Muncy unknown Charles Ruland Weeks Elizabeth (Muncy) Weeks Rebecca Butler Juley Oakley David Ruland (Rev War) Jesse Weeks Hannah E. Larrason Grave #12